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Malaria Host-Pathogen Interaction Center (MaHPIC)

How do eukaryotic genomes evolve? Our lab is interested in parasite genomics and the biology of genome evolution. The genomes of parasitic eukaryotes are often highly-reduced, devoid of recognizable mobile elements and riddled with intracellular and lateral gene transfers. Our approach is to apply molecular, computational and phylogenetic tools to the analysis of parasite genomes. Projects include the development of tools for data integration, data mining, comparative genomics and the systems biology of host-pathogen interactions. Research focuses on Toxoplasma gondii, Cryptosporidium species and Plasmodium species. Researchers in our group work at the bench, at the computer, or both.

Kissinger pens a News and Views for two groundbreaking P. vivax population genetic studies published in Nature Genetics.
The group says goodbye to summer REU student Noah Legall. He mastered SQL and helped to facilitate MaHPIC data deposition this summer. He will be missed.
The lab says goodbye to post-bac PREP scholar Brent Allman. He is off to Emory for graduate school. He will be missed.
The group welcomes visiting undergraduate researcher Irfan Ozen, of Erciyes University in Turkey. He will be working on systems biology databases for a summer internship project. Welcome!
The group welcomes incoming UGA ILS graduate student John Ludwig to the laboratory. He is starting his rotations early. He is interested in evolution and phylogenetics. He has previous experience working with the tick Ixodes scapulars. Welcome!
The group welcomes undergraduate researcher Noah Legall to the lab. He is here as part of a UGA REU program. His home school is UNC Chapel Hill. He will be focusing on mining relational databases to prepare systems biology data for submission to archival repositories. Lots of SQL! Welcome!
The research group welcomes the return of Jeremy DeBarry, Ph.D. to the group. He has been working as a Data Analyst for the CyVerse (formerly iPLANT) team. He will be the Data Coordinator for the new DARPA-funded THoR’s HAMMER project. Welcome back!
The research group welcomes Evelina Basenko, Ph.D. to the EuPathDB project. She will be joining our Outreach Team. She brings years of fungal experience to the team. Welcome!
The research group welcomes Drew Spruill to the EuPathDB project. He will be joining our Systems Administration Team. Welcome!
Grant to enhance the annotation of human-infecting Cryptosporidium species is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
The research group says good bye to Matt Guidry. He is off to the University System Board of Regents Computing Center. He will be missed.
A collaborative project between Emory (lead institution), Georgia-Tech and UGA is funded by DARPA to study host resilience.
A collaborative project between the University of Liverpool (lead) and several other UK and US institutions is funded to enhance eukaryotic microbial pathogen annotation and access is funded by the Wellcome Trust.
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