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Welcome to the Kissinger Laboratory. We hope that you find your experience working with us to be rewarding and enjoyable. This guide is intended to help you with basic lab and University regulations.


All staff are to notify me, Tonya, and Erica Young of time that will be missed due to illness, emergencies, vacations, etc. Tonya and I also need to be notified of times that will be missed due to classes or other official training, preferably a week in advance.


Tonya and I both need to be notified of absences from work due to illness (on that day please) and for vacations, meetings, training etc.

Graduate students with thesis research supervised by me

Please inform both Tonya and I of absences due to illness (preferably on that day) and planned absences for vacations, meetings, courses etc.

Graduate student workers

Please notify, Tonya, me, and the project manager with whom you work most closely of any planned absences due to illness, or courses or any other cause.

Undergraduate students

Please notify me and any other researchers with whom you may be working of your illness (preferably that day) and or other planned absences.


Notices of missed time are preferred by email, but phone calls and or answering machine messages are also acceptable if email is unavailable.

Tonya Cox

Office phone: 706-542-6632

Jessie Kissinger

Office phone: 706-542-6562

Home phone:

Erica Young

Office phone: 706-583-0861

A summary of benefits available to Faculty and Staff (Classified Employees) can be found at:

We strongly encourage you to consult this site for detailed information regarding Insurance, Retirement, and Leave time. To contact Human Resources, call 706-542-2222.

Please notify Tonya a soon as you are aware of a meeting you will attend. A Travel Authority must be processed which allows for you to travel on University-related business. Please submit the name of the meeting, dates you will attend, and location.

Consult the U.S. Department of State's website at:

to determine if a Visa or Passport will be needed for international travel and allot a sufficient amount of time to process your application.

There are federal per diem rates for both domestic and international travel. This rate applies to meals and incidentals, and lodging. Please check the rates for your meeting's location before you travel by going to:

and clicking on Per Diem Rates. For International travel, visit:

Please note there are rules regarding what meals you can be reimbursed for on your day of departure and day of return. You do NOT automatically receive money for three meals for all days of your trip.

Day of departure:

   Departure for overnight trip prior to 6:30 am: Employee is eligible for per diem for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
   Departure for overnight trip prior to 11:00 am: Employee is eligible for per diem for lunch and dinner.
   Departure for overnight trip prior to 5:30 pm: Employee is eligible for per diem for dinner.

Day of return:

   Returning from overnight trip after 6:30 am: Employee is eligible for per diem for breakfast.
   Returning from overnight trip after 1:30 pm: Employee is eligible for per diem for breakfast and lunch.
   Returning from overnight trip after 7:30 pm: Employee is eligible for per diem for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Taxes and tips are allowable expenses; however, they should be included in the total expense for the meal.

If you are traveling with a group, it is advised that you each pay for your own expenses (meals, lodging, etc.).

State employees traveling by commercial air must utilize the lowest possible coach fares. Employees will not be reimbursed for the portion of non-coach that exceeds the cost of the lowest available fare on the same flight.

State officials or employees may, at any time, use personal frequent flyer miles or similar programs to upgrade to non-coach travel. In addition, nothing in this policy shall preclude a state official or employee from personally paying for an upgrade to non-coach travel.

You also have the option of billing your airfare directly to a UGA approved travel agency if your travel is being charged to one of the lab's grants. (This means you won't have to wait for reimbursement.);

Please do this through Tonya.

Feel free to book your own airfare and hotel, but you must notify Tonya and Jessie beforehand of your intention to travel and let Tonya know how much these expenses will be so that she can check the status of our travel funds BEFORE you book.

The only travel expense that we are allowed to pay for you by UGA purchasing card (P-card) is your registration fee if it does not include housing and/or meals.

All travel expenses must be reimbursed AFTER travel has taken place except for airfare.Airfare may be reimbursed to UGA employees before the trip. Upon your return, give Tonya all original receipts to process your reimbursement. If you used your personal automobile to drive to the meeting site or to the airport, you also need to submit your license tag number and mileage.

If you have an order to place (office, wet lab, computer supplies, etc.) give Tonya the company name, item, item number, quantity, and price. For those in the wet lab, please enter this information in the Orders database.

If there is an emergency, contact Campus Police at 542-2200. This includes if you are here during non-business hours and something comes up such as flooding, alarms, etc.


For keys and key card access, contact Linda Buffington.

The mail room is located across from the CTEGD office, room 145. Mail pick-up times are 8:00am and 1:30pm.

To reserve a conference room, go to:

If you are asked to sign for a package by UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc. for someone in the lab who is not there, please do and send that person an email to let them know. If it is a delivery to the wet lab and the package indicates it needs special handling, consult someone in the Kissinger or Striepen wet lab (Room 306) for assistance.

Name Phone E-mail Address Room Position

Kissinger wet lab





Kissinger computer lab





Kissinger Post-doc office





Tonya's Office



Admin. Assoc.

Conference Room










Mark Baird


170E SLC

Coverdell Computer Equip. Support

Daniel Brinkley


Loading Dock

Building Supervisor

Linda Buffington



BHSI manager

Dan Colley



CTEGD Director

Dave Dowless



CTEGD computer help

Karin Ringo



CTEGD Admin.

Chris Ross


708A Boyd

Coverdell Computer Programs Support

Boris Striepen



CTEGD Asst. Prof./

Wet lab Collaborator

Erica Young



CTEGD Admin. Manager

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