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VEuPathDB (formerly EuPathDB and VectorBase) is an integrated database of eukaryotic pathogens. While these organisms are supported by a taxon-specific database/website built upon the same infrastructure, the VEuPathDB portal offers an entry point to all of these resources, and the opportunity to leverage orthology for searches across genera. 

The VEuPathDB databases are funded by NIAID. EuPathDB is one of four NIH funded bioinformatics resource centers. The VEuPathDB family of databases is expected to expand further over the coming years, incorporating new species including the Amoebozoa (Entamoeba, Acanthamoeba), Microsporidia, and additional Apicomplexans, Kinetoplastida and Diplomonads. Of course, we continue collecting data that are being deposited at an ever-increasing rate, including additional genome sequences, microarray data, probe-based hybridization and sequencing data (e.g. ChIP-chip and RNA-Seq), proteomics data, isolate data, phenotype information and metabolomic data. 


VEuPathDB is comprised of the following databases:

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